All things Painty:

Slowly getting back to painting after a little side trip to felting and cleaning. Went through old paints and organized papers and gave away some furniture – it feels great!

I’m finding it’s not too difficult balancing school and paint; I just have one more micro-teach session to plan and then the second half of the semester looks like smooth sailing.

Lots of sales on right now so I did some stocking up as well and the weather has been nice so I have a huge 5×5′ piece that I am working on outside. Yay!

All things At Home:

Going to have a big tidy up, probably starting tomorrow of all the rooms, I really need to organize my work better. That was the plan for the year so I should probably get going on it!

Sparky is doing lots in the gardens again this year, he went to the nursery to buy ‘dirt’ and came back with 3 bags of ‘soil’, so I feel like we’re growing a gardener here:-)

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.


UPDATED June 22nd, 2018

Inspired by Derek Sivers.