All things Painty/Arty:

I’m working more slowly on some larger works now, I’m dividing my time between painting, spinning/knitting and writing, I love them all so much! Right now because I just purchased a new (to me) spinning wheel, I have been putting the hours to learn how to use it and the other day it paid off! I’m really comfortable spinning now and have lots of different fibres to spin.

Let me share a story with you here: I was searching on CL for a spinning wheel when I came across somebody selling some raw wool fibrelocally. I contacted the person and the woman said she was downsizing and selling off her weaving and spinning supplies. After a bit more back and forth I told her I would take everything she had, and omgosh – be careful what you wish for! I now have A LOT of fibre! And a new friend – it turns out the woman was none other than the weaver and Puruvian Textile Scholar Mary Frame! She also gifted me some other things too that I will have to figure out how to use, and she also gave me her excellent little booklet on Ancient Puruvian Mantles published by the MET! So exciting.

Anyway, I digress. I am preparing some PR to send around to Galleries for my 2021/22 bookings and am also planning to update my exhibition website with my recent press, (listen to me on CBC here!), and I also need to get a newsletter out. The days are too short!:-)

All things At Home:

We are pretty proud of ourselves today, we fixed a major plumbing issue by ourselves:-) It makes up for the money we had to spend getting the AC fixed – gulp, our regular guy was on vacation.

Fall is here and came in quickly, no so much cold as dark. The yard is pretty much taken care of, but I am looking to buy myself a pitch fork so I can add some compost this fall. Gosh they don’t seem to make things with good maple handles any more.

I am TA-ing at SFU for the next 1 months, and I’m hoping to work on my nonfiction book next year. Next month I have a meeting with Penguin and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be interested in another book of mine, we shall see:-) But, as always, lots of amazing things happening!

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I’m also always trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.

UPDATED September 19th, 2019

Inspired by Derek Sivers.