All things Painty:


Admin stuff, sent greeting cards to the Art Box shop at Silk Purse.

Finishing a store set up on my Facebook artist page for some of the above mentioned smaller works! This is ongoing now.

Finished up 4 birch ply pieces 22x 28, I love that substrate!

Tidying up paints and painting area, reorganizing and trying to make best use of space. #challenging!


All things At Home:

Still on physio but loads of improvement in R shoulder! I can braid my hair every morning even though I have had to cut back on exercise because of the smoke, and being sick with mystery illness for a month now.

Trying to stay healthy in this smoke filled province, and being thankfully my family members were all evacuated safely.

Waiting patiently for rain and a change in the wind direction.

Trying to read a book every day or so, newbies that have been recommended – so far so good!

Have been working on family history publication with Jean and Roderick Barman. So cool! They had so much info on our family!

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.


UPDATED Aug 9th, 2017


Inspired by Derek Sivers.