All things Painty/Arty:

For an experiment and a bit of a challenge, I have been only using primary colours this past week. It’s so interesting doing the colour mixing, a bit frustrating as well as I never mix enough, but I’m sure that’s just part of the fun!

I have been asked to stay on at the Centennial Theatre Lobby Gallery to the end of June, which is awesome!

I’ve been asked to be a guest illustrator for a Lit Mag ‘Up the Staircase’ and they will be pairing my work with the writing in the May issue. I’ll post a link when it’s available!

I was really happy to have been asked by Earles to provide art for their new Restaurant in Burnaby!

I’m really looking forward to spring break at school this year, what a busy year it’s been already!

All things At Home:

Trying not to be stressed out at the massive pile of books I have to read. Maybe I should put them all away and only have one in visual range at a time:-) My Kindle list is growing quickly too!

Loads of writing going on and some of us have started up another writer’s group so we can continue on after July. It is truly an amazing group of writers that we have!

More writing submissions and I need to start booking galleries for next year. Being self-employed is a big job, don’t let anybody tell you different!

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.

UPDATED March 11th, 2019

Inspired by Derek Sivers.