All things Painty/Arty:

I’m busy doing last minute show prep for #Revelstoke and hope to get everything out by Fedex on the 17th. In the evenings I’m grabbing a few minutes to work on some smaller pieces and actually finished two more to add to the show.

I also learned how to drop spindle wool to make my own yarn, it’s SO satisfying and the perfect thing to do while waiting for paint to dry!

In my other life, school is almost over. I have just handed in my final portfolio and my piece for the Emerge Lit Journal. Now I just have one more lecture and I’m finished!

I’m really proud of what I have accomplished in this past year, and I even found out that I took first prize in a poetry contest! So, very exciting:-) I’m really happy with where my writing is right now, I have learned SO much!

If you want a peek inside my school life, you can read more here!

All things At Home:

The garden is just amazing this year and it seems to really be coming back to itself after 6 rough years. We’re pretty happy! It just needs one more good tidy up, which I plan on doing as soon as school is over.

We’re planning for taking the deck apart and cleaning up the wood pile (a pile of scrap, not to be confused with a woodpile;-)

We’ve had a very small bit of smoke come our way, fire season seemed to have hit really early this year, but I feel mentally somewhat prepared and even bought rose coloured shades because I think they will help with the impending stream of days that will be dark and orange and grey.

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.

UPDATED June 11th, 2019

Inspired by Derek Sivers.