All things Painty:

40% painting for Feb show. All new stuff and some of the largest I’ve painted yet!

5% admin, mostly contracts for next year’s shows already booked.

10% ordering supplies. I bit the bullet and ordered a TON of canvas, paper and paint, I also hit up some sales and bought a roll of canvas.

45% Reading about art, taking online art classes, looking at art.

All things at Home:

Doing a few graphic design jobs on Fivrr for holiday spending dollars, spent some time working Christmas Eve and on the day and bought myself a fab 12″ high stool for painting use.

Making a big decision about school for 2017 (still not made;-p). I have three big shows booked, but there is a course I really want to do. Figuring out if it will be a balancing act or not.

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.

Participating in @Dressember! You can pledge me here! I’m wearing a dress every day this month, and it hasn’t been as easy as you think!


UPDATED Dec 28th, 2016


Inspired by Derek Sivers.