All things Painty/Arty:

Getting excited about school, but enjoying one more week of no-deadlines:-)

This month I have learned how to wet-felt wool and omgosh I am hooked! I also discovered I could do portraits on cloth and paper by freehand sewing, so I am trying to think of a clever way to combine both of those two new loves – hmmm.

I’m still in love with doing faces and made a 50 page book of newsprint and filled it pretty quickly, I was just using ink, but I think I’ll try for something else now – I was aiming for 2 a day and did pretty well! I’ll make a post about it maybe.

Ordering supplies, lots of back to school sales on now.

Loving meeting new collectors as they come up to the cabin and pick up their new works – yay!

Setting up exhibits for the next two years and I may also be able to sneak some fall/winter shows in – we’ll see!

All things At Home:

Feeling pretty good about all of the massive clearing-out I’ve done, and looking forward to some carpet shampooing etc.

I also realized sadly, that making plans to visit with people ‘after school is over’ does not work, because after school is over I have a million things to do, and then like to have some time for myself too – so gulp, sorry everybody, maybe we can catch up this fall!?

Yoga yoga yoga, flamenco flamenco and more clearing out – it is ongoing and I order the Big Brother’s pick up monthly to force myself to keep it clear:-)

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.


UPDATED Sept 1st, 2018

Inspired by Derek Sivers.