All things Painty:

Just finished packing up two pieces for an exhibit in Santa Monica next month.

Deciding which paintings should be visible for photo shoots.

Still enjoying my online art class with Sandrine, learning lots of new techniques and also learning that I am total crap at them! lol:-)

Cleared and tidied the gazebo so my big painting table is ready to go!

Practicing lots of faces.

In love with big, fat, black charcoal.


All things At Home:

I tried to stay away, but I am going to at least finish up my teaching through Harvard’s Bok Center this summer. I think it will be easy to manage as I don’t have any big exhibits booked.

Really going to town on keeping the yard cool this year, we have finally sorted out the self-watering system and are in the process of hanging Cooleroo sail shades, they make such a huge difference! Bring it summer!

Trying to lend a hand where I can and be as involved as I can be with anybody who asks.


UPDATED May 20th, 2018

Inspired by Derek Sivers.