I love having my art on fabric, it just opens the world of possibilities even more! Here are some skaters I made for my mom, they now live on a pair fancy cotton pillowcases I just whipped up this afternoon before class!

Fresh Paint!

Portrait with Blue Vase 24×30 Acrylic on deep canvas

Jan 28th *Update – Oh hurray! Just found out that this painting was accepted into the Canvas Unbound Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists! Watch for it in the gallery Feb 19th – March 3rd! Yay!
The New Sweater 9×12 Acrylic on paper
Morning Selfie with Coffee 9 x 12 Acrylic and Gouache on paper
The Tumbling Tumbleweed Choir Acrylic and Gouache on 9×12 paper

Writing Excitment!

Last year I applied for a research grant for my new book “Talking With Grandmothers’, and I found out today that I have received it!:-) I am over the moon happy, especially because I can get back to working on this book now.

If you want to know more about my writing and what I’m working on, click the ‘Writing’ heading above and you’ll find out all kinds of goodness!

Thank you so much to the FBCA Indigenous Research Fund for your Grant. This money will be put to great use and I am excited to share the progress with everybody! (Also fingers crossed that a publisher will let me paint my own book cover:-)

What a fab way to begin the new year!


As part of my tidying up I am finishing and going over some old works. This is the evolution of a painting called ‘Frequent Flyer’ from back in August 2016. Though it has been shown numerous times, I was never happy with it, but now it is starting to feel finished.

I’ll see how I feel about it now, if I am not loving it, it will become something new:-)

Ace 48 x 48″ on Deep Canvas