Fresh Paint

I feel like I haven’t posted in ages! I haven’t been painting as much as usual as I have just learned how to spin, and I have been making beautiful wool!

I have a few shows ending, my time at Centennial Theatre is almost up as is Kay Meek Centre for the Arts, both have been amazing experiences!

But tomorrow press for the Revelstoke Gallery begins and the show was delivered today!


I’m busy preparing for my first large out of town exhibit! I have two this year, the first is in Revelstoke, so if any of you are road tripping in July stop in and check it out!

I’m preparing a lot of different merchandise, there will be something for everybody’s wallets:-)

Fresh Paint

I’m just finding a few minutes to paint now that school is almost over.

These are a couple from my ‘Neapolitan Grandmother’ project idea.

Fresh Paint

I took a half hour long free painting class after which I turned out some truly terrible work! I won’t post it yet, but in the meantime, I will post what I have been working on in the evenings after my long days.

School is very nearly finished and there is so much work to do, so I have been sitting at night, in the dark with either a pencil or marker and a big book of brown kraft paper, Hinterland on in the background and just sketching. Then in the morning I shoot them and upload to colour digitally. I’m pretty happy with them so far!