The Tulane Review

So happy to share that some of my art will be making its way into the prestigious Tulane Review, (Tulane University’s Art and Literature Magazine) for the spring issue!

I’ll post more information as I have it, but you should be able to grab one at these places and possibly by mail order: Tulane University’s uptown campus in the Lavin-Bernick Center, Howard Tilton Memorial Library, Norman Mayer Building, and the Woldenberg Art Center.


Am I upset? Heck No!

Today I received the ‘no’ call. It was very early in the day, so I knew it was a no. For the second time I was not awarded my Signature Status at the Federation of Canadian Artists.

I thought I would give it another try – (I guess I had that 95$ burning a hole in my pocket), but in my heart of hearts, I knew it would be a ‘no’. My art doesn’t really have a style and it doesn’t really fit into any sort of category. (Well I shouldn’t say that, I am learning that I do fit into the ‘naive art’ category.)

On the up side, an artist friend of mine received the ‘yes’ call and I am over the moon happy for her, she is so deserving, please check out Meghan’s work!

So, moving on! I won’t be applying again, I ask myself what for? I paint just for me anyway:-)

Getting caught up –

Hurray for spring break! I feel like I am getting caught up on a few things!

Here are some of my works from last week, some finished and sold, others works in progress.

Fresh Paint!

I’m experimenting with primary colours and colour mixing to create a palette. So far I am so over the moon in love! This may be one of my fave paintings ever.

That time a bear was in the driveway.

24 x 24