Fresh Paint!

That Time I Had Chickens

“That Time I Had Chickens”.

I use to love having hens, we had Rhode Island Reds and loads of fresh eggs. But more than that, I just use to like sitting and watching them, the way they move and cluck around, I just found it hilarious. Chickens just doing chicken stuff.

Fresh Paint!

Morning Glory #1

Chris and Django Listen to Music

I’m having a lot of fun with this unstretched canvas! I know I’ve said it before, but it is so cool to  see what a change of substrate or tool will do! For this one of Chris, I had just watched a video with one of my heroes Cecily Brown, and so I was trying to choose a different colour palette.

I’m also learning Suminagashi, so have given my work in that medium a dedicated page, you can find it under the Paper heading. I’m pretty happy with the 6 results I have so far in the series ‘Morning Glory’. It took me 100 tries to get 6, but I think I have the trick of it now:-)

Fresh Paint!

Vesuvius resting in the huckleberries. (After he ate the neighbour’s garbage lol.)

9×12″ Acrylic on cradleboard.

Fresh Paint!

Emily Goes For A Swim

This began as a late night babble – I started peeling the old paint off my brayer and it came off in blue chunks – I immediately thought to glue them down and douse them in sepia ink. I quickly made a negative shape before bed and while I lay there wide awake from daylight savings, I imagined water. So this all happened really quickly, as you can no doubt tell by my messy trees, but as soon as I put hair on the person – she became Emily Carr to me, going for a swim in the river on a hot day. My only regret is that I didn’t think to put Ginger Pop in it:-)


Emily Goes For A Swim – 24 x 36″ Acrylic on cradleboard

Fresh Paint – 4 new mini’s!

The Convo

In Silence

Little Squawker Thinks He’s a Thunderbird

Time for Yoga

So, yesterday I received the call from the Federation of Canadian Artists that I didn’t make the cut for Signature Status. I was sad and had a mope, but I also had some kind words from artist Peter Stuhlmann afterwards that helped put me right, and then I just sat down and started painting it out. Here are some of the results!


Fresh Paint and an Update!

With Regard

This is about that time a hummingbird stopped and regarded me.

“With Regard” 24 x 27 Acrylic on un-stretched canvas.

So – that’s the update – I bought a roll of canvas to see what it’s all about and so far I am loving it big time! I can paint any size I feel like – I can gesso – or not, I can easily roll for shipping and I can bring down the cost of a painting! It can be stretched or even framed behind glass, so more options for the buyer as well – loving it!!

Fresh Paint

Full Stop


The Competition

So I bought a roll of canvas to check it out. I quite like being able to make any size I fancy! It’s a bit of a workout prepping, but I like it – you get to know your piece of canvas intimately – lol. As usual, having a different sort of substrate gives me a different perspective and my art reacts differently.