I’m so happy to say that I will have a variety of my ‘City’ themed (3 different ones yay!) greeting cards available now at the:

Art Box Gift Shop


The Silk Purse Arts Centre
1570 Argyle Avenue
West Vancouver, BC  V7V 1A1

Phone: 604-925-7292

Gallery/Art Box Gift Shop Hours:
12-5pm Tuesday-Sunday (Summer)

12-4pm Tuesday-Sunday (Winter)

Fun week!

I love having weeks like this, it helps to balance the bad stuff going on in the world.

I was so happy to find out yesterday that both my pieces in the summer gallery (Federation Of Canadian Artists) sold yesterday to one buyer! Yay!

I was also one of 5 winners in an art contest and won loads of awesome paper, pens and pencils!

I’m also super happy to be helping out Historian Jean Barman on a project for the opening of the new Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver! (Will post details on that when I know more).

I am so grateful for all of this that I’m having a giveaway for 5 people who’s names will be drawn Monday the 21st at 4pm PST. Just ‘like’ the post on my Facebook page to be entered!



Next 2 years….

I am starting to book for 2018/2019. My schedule is wide open at this point. My only goal for next year is to do a complete inventory. I think I have completed around 1000 works in the past 2 years and I need to make sure everything is posted. What a happy whirlwind it’s been!

If you are a charity and would like a donation for next year, please let me know! I am happy to donate one or two works, first come first served!

I should also mention as the summer comes to a close, that although my paintings are still on the walls, they won’t be for long! So if you are keen to see and/or purchase one of my large works (4×4′ and larger) – do hurry over to on Lonsdale! I know loads have sold already yay!


The story of the barn in the painting: ‘Teen Angst’

Here is the barn story – and also a polaroid photo my sister found which she took of the teen – me in said barn;-) (Can we all just take a moment to see how much I look like Geddy Lee?)
When I was young we left the city every summer and drove a long, hot way to my grandfather’s house in the middle of the province.

I hated leaving my friends, I hated the heat, I hated having to wear a bathing cap in the pool, I hated picking cherries for 5 cents a bag and I hated the way the dry grass was prickly underfoot. Plus I had weird hair and a big nose.

The only saving graces were the barn across the street and eating late bitter lettuce leaves sprinkled with sugar. The barn was falling down and probably unsafe, but it still housed hay bales that reached nearly to the top.

At the top there was a hole in the roof to dream out of, and I use to go there and climb up and look at the stars or the dry blue sky or whatever was present at the time.

True to life, this painting has many, many layers.

Fresh Paint!


Although I haven’t found any photos of them from this time, I would like to imagine this is G x 4 Grandmother Skoalhkomat holding my Gx3 Grandmother Marie Celestine in 1844 at X̱wáýx̱way (Stanley Park).


Fresh paint!

Feeding Streams



Teen Angst

My new fave substrate – Birch Plywood (size 22X28), along with my latest discovery of oil sticks! If only they didn’t smell so bad lol. There is something so gratifying about adding layers of paint and then scraping it off!

I’m also part of another exhibit coming up for anybody who is out and about on Granville Island this summer!

Summer Gallery



Fresh Paint!

He Kept it under his hat

Plucky Spirit Chicken – SOLD


I’m updating my Facebook shop to sell some of these smaller pieces. They’re flying away pretty quick so come visit me there if you’re keen on something!