Are you a new painter?

I’m also happy to announce I’ll be offering a Consultation service to Artists! Are you new? Stuck? Need a pep talk or information on selling your work or want to know about supplies? Let’s chat!

Newsletter love

I’m thinking of sending out my very first newsletter to the lucky 6 of you who have signed on so far! Yay! I’m sure it will be full of laughs AND you’ll even be the first to hear about where my surprise event will be over the summer!!! Yay!


Oh, what – you want to sign on too? Well it’s super easy, just go look on the right side of the page where it says Jenn’s Art News and shoot me your address! THEN you can be in on the fun too;-) wink wink, nudge nudge


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#SouthPaw Series

I think there will be many of these given the healing time I’m looking at, I will sign them AshtonSP so we know which is which lol.

I’ll post these properly to their pages once I have taken some good shots this week, when the sun comes out yay!

Lefty Loosey

What I Did Today

Some more lefty work; if you look back to the flower pots I think that is when I began using my left hand for about 90% of the work and now it is at 100% as I totally give my right arm a rest. So fun to see what lefty can do!!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

OK so here is my fancy Mother’s Day minimalist style gift advertisement.

I have these things and also some art and home made yoga straps, some children’s books and of course the Story of Donkey Otey – wisdom for all ages.

I can still post or courier in time. Yay!

Fresh Paint and Tendonitis!


Dancing Queen

Large canvas confession – I should probably tell you guys that I believe since I have started working on larger canvases up on the wall I’ve developed some rotator cuff tendonitis. So…All my work of the past few weeks has been with my left hand, if you’ve maybe been thinking ‘what’s up with her work suddenly?’ lol –

I’m on the mend, doing all my exercises and icing about 5x a day but it’s a slow go. I’m going to have to work flat I reckon on the big stuff so I am super happy that the dryer weather is coming so I can work on my big table outside. And if I can’t find an indoor solution, I will just pull that table inside to work on as well;-) I really should have known better given my age and the sudden intensity of my arm usage over the past 2 years – LOL

Signed #Gimpy

Fresh Paint


No title yet, but so much fun painting – this went through so many changes just to end up here – I removed and removed until this was all that was left, then it finally felt done. It’s a biggie at 38×60″

Title ideas: The Peanut Butter Game, Apathy is Pink, A bug in my ear….thoughts?

Beautiful Canada

Here’s a bit more about the Exhibit coming up May 8th –  22nd.

And here is the website

Where you can see my work ‘Group Hug’ live and in person!