Fresh Paint!

I’m so excited about how this project is evolving, and I am nearly halfway to my goal of 20 paintings already. I may need to increase that in order to make it a solo show:-)

After The Circus #8: Difficult Conversations – “Abuelita, tell us about when you wore these in the circus!”


Fresh Paint and cool news!

I was so happy to receive an email today saying that two of my paintings will accompany my story for ROOM¬† Magazine in the¬†March issue! They will be using ‘Celestine’ and ‘Grandmothers’ – Yay!!

Also here is a bit of fresh paint from last night.

After The Circus #7: Lily’s Pond

‘Afterwards, many days were set aside to catch up on – just dreaming’.

After the Circus #7:Lily’s Pond