Fresh Paint!

Fallen: When I was 16 we had a house in Port Alberni at the bottom of a hill. I walked up that hill to the Woodwards to buy groceries every couple of days. Once, in the winter, I was walking home, it was just starting to snow and I didn’t slip, but my knees just collapsed underneath me; I remember grabbing for a tree branch but it was too far away. I recall being so embarrassed and hoping that nobody saw me stumble.


Margret by Moonlight

Fresh Paint

Here are some that I have just photographed, they are from the past two weeks.

The Balloon




Nap Time

The Artist as a Writer: When I was young I thought that if I emulated my favorite writers I would join that club and be a ‘real’ writer, so I smoked and drank and swore, stayed up late and drank so much coffee I was jittery for days afterward. It did not produce my best work.

The Gull’s Balloon

Fresh Paint

Chuck D

I finally had time to finish this – I have no idea why I felt the need to place Chuck in Canada riding a horse – but there you have it:-)


A Horse Of Course