Fresh Paint

When I was about nine or ten I got some of the neighbourhood kids together to put on a gymnastics event. We invited all the parents and from what I can recall, I basically had them summersault across the lawn lol. “The Big Event” #WIP lol


I just finished this painting for a neighbour’s 65th Birthday. And it made me think that maybe you might like a painting, in my style, of your pet or your house or? So I am opening myself up right now for Holiday commissions. I have a week turn around and will split the shipping on all works.

Contact me for more information!

Kip in the Fall

Fresh Paint

Two works-in-progress and some holiday wrapping paper I made. I haven’t bought wrapping paper in over a decade, I just use whatever I have handy, but this year saw the return of recycled paper bags to our local grocery and they’re lovely and thick, so they were able to take lots of layers of paint!:-)

Fresh paint!

Gosh I’ve been away so long! I’m currently in a spinning competition and so haven’t been painting quite as much as I normally do. The 12th is the final day and I look forward to taking a break from my spindle:-)