Happy Accidents

Well, my fancy ink resist technique probably would have worked better if my India ink wasn’t as old as I am lol – Pair that with the fact that I am crap at colour mixing and here you go! An accident that made me very happy – I love the muted feel! (Next try will be with my fresh Sumi ink stay tuned!)

Lisandro’s Field

There in the Dark

I have been a part of many groups of people and audiences, at gatherings and churches and synagogues, peace marches, funerals and music events. Even though together in proximity sharing the same experience, perceptions were different, and we were ultimately there for our own reasons and it felt no more cohesive than a plane ride.

Convocations have come close, we all felt the same pride, camaraderie, and closure, but at no time in my life so far, have I felt the closeness with a group of strangers as I did one night in 1994.

It was cold and rainy, but inside the theatre, it was humid and overcrowded. By the time the movie started, the people were squeezed three in a row sitting in the isles and there was only standing room in the back, where people were packed so tight they were holding each other up. The old Dolphin Theatre was literally bursting its seams and I was expecting the Fire Department to arrive any minute, but after scanning the crowds, I could see them also standing in the back.

Nobody had popcorn or snacks, no slushy ice-cubes against waxed paper cups or straws, we weren’t there to be entertained, we were all there to witness the life of Schindler.

There in the Dark

Fresh Paint

I’ve been a bit slower this past week as we’ve had a bit of life stuff going on,  but here are two I’ve completed, will take better photos and add them to their pages this weekend I hope, but as always email me if you are keen!


On The PurpleYoga Mat

Loads of fresh paint!


I LOVE seeing my work in a collector’s home! I’m sharing these photos so you can see how my work may look in yours!:-) These paintings went home with their new owners yesterday.