Fresh Paint


•(of the moon) arrive at a fresh phase; become new.

I feel like my style is growing and I’m loving it. The only growing pain is that I can’t quite get the pictures on canvas the same way I see them in my mind. Going to keep trying, I am loving the process!

Fresh Paint!


Having fun with my 7 found canvases. They were all paint-overs, nothing to save so I went at it quite fearlessly! This I believe is 6/7.

Now I have dug up 3 – 8x8s that I am redoing for the Anonymous Art Show. They were paintings that I didn’t love, but I liked, so I took some photos and made them available for prints or prints on canvas, or whatever – they are still living in another form:-) But more importantly, as soon as I splooshed some paint over them, they immediately came to life and felt so much better! I know these will be great pieces!!!

Fresh Paint!


Head of the House

While I was tidying up paintings the other day I came across 7 canvases that were paint-overs or not quite there-s. Here are two that I got happy with! 5 to go!

Test Run












So I had an idea for some holiday Tea Towels and came up with these beauties: The Falalalalala Chicken Tea Towels. I did a small run and they sold out in a few hours, so I am thinking of doing a bit larger run before the holidays. Please contact me if you are keen to go on the waitlist!

Fresh Paint!

Thomas is happy, Thomas is sad

Holding Space

Soft what Light

I’ve been changing it up lately with some new supplies and techniques! So much fun, it’s just never-ending:-) I also won a contest and am eagerly awaiting my prize from PanPastels! – I’ve always wanted to try them, so, very cool.

October Exhibit

These pieces are going to a Gallery on the 16th. All sales will be through me so if you fancy any of these with some super special pricing, please let me know – prices will only be valid for the length of the exhibit Oct 16th – Nov 30th;-)

I made a video!

Yes indeedy! It was hard work, but I am happy with my first attempt! It was made in iMovie and most of the art photos were shot with my little Sony Cybershot. Hope you like it, I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave comments on youtube or drop me a line here!