!Dressember Blog 2018!

Hello again everybody!!

Well, it’s nearly mid-November and I thought I would get a jump on setting up this year! I’ve been practicing my airplanes and I’m feeling pretty limber and dressy – so let’s get going and have some fun! Watch this space throughout December as well be doing weekly giveaway draws for donors and I’ll be telling you about all the cool things Dressember supports! Yay!

In the meantime feel free to donate early and check out what Dressember is all about!

You can also scroll down to see last year’s event!


Happy Dressember #31st! We did it you guys!! We went over my goal again this year, you guys rock my world!! You can donate all through January too, but to get in on the last Donor Draw today for one of my originals you’ll have to donate before 4pm PST!


It’s been a super fun month and thank you SO much for participating again this year! We done good!!

See you next year gang!! Happy New Year!

Here is where our money goes you guys! Thank you so much everybody and especially to Nuu-Muu for supplying my @Dressember togs this year! Yahooo!!! xoxo

Happy @Dressember #29th! Woohooo! We’re in the home stretch you guys! I know that overall @Dressember is at 75% of their goal, with more time to give! Yay!


Here is a link to a fab story about men’s ethical fashion – it’s not just about dresses! 

#AnAirplaneADay #YouCanDoAnythingInADress
My fab ‘Heaven’ dress by Nuu-Muu !

Happy Dressember Christmas Eve! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and don’t forget the donor draw at 4 pm PST today!

I am a mere 36$ away from my fundraising goal and hey, don’t forget you’ll get an automatic receipt! What a nice way to end your year!

Here is the easy peasy donation link!

Day #20!! We’re very close to meeting our goal, I hope you can help with the final push! I am still doing an #AirplaneADay! Care to join me? And please Dressember ladies you have to check out Nuu-Muu because their dresses are what Dressember is all about, no fast fashion here! 

Help me reach my goal of providing aftercare to one survivor! 

We have lots of Donor Draws and fun left to have!:-)

We’re up to Day #18 and I’m so close to my personal goal, thank you, everybody! We’ve had our Sunday Donor Draw and Jan Schumer won a fab puzzle! Yay!

Hurray! @dressember Day #15 – my lovely Sponsors Nuu-Muu have sent me the most fab dress!! Please check them out, they are so amazing and I love their slogan:

“We believe in strong girls and women.

We believe in real bodies and real friends.

We believe in trying really, really hard.

We believe in having fun along the way.”

Please show them some love, I expect I can do just about anything in this dress,

it is already my favourite! xoxox




A funny outtake from today and an airplane that was apparently flying in the fog – still at it on Day #14 and I saw that my awesome sponsor dress has finally, after 4 days, been released from customs!! I can’t wait to show it off!!

It’s not too late to donate, we still have lots of fun left!:-)

Happiness is @Dressmeber Day #13! Hurray I finally found that my lovely sponsorship gift from Nuu-Muu has been sitting in customs for 4 days ;-( – hopefully here soon, and thank goodness I didn’t give away ALL my dresses last year! lol. #AirplaneADay

Hope you’ll join me, in wearing a dress/tie or bowtie, donating (lots of incentives and giveaways!) and even by just spreading the word about modern day slavery. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and we CAN do something about it, so let’s.


Dressember Day #12! Today I realized that it’s much easier to wear a dress when it’s not 15 below:-)! I also realized that my gimpy shoulder makes me look hunch back lol – Oh well, it’s getting there!

I’m so close to my personal goal you guys – do you know if 13 of you chipped in 10$ I would be there, plus I could send you a fancy gift from me AND we’d all be aiding in the rescue and recovery of somebody in need! I know we can do it!!#AirplaneADay

Day#10 it’s time for our Sunday Donor Draw and Yay! Congratulations Christine Grabig! You’re the winner of the donor draw this week!! Yay! Hope you need a calendar – it turned out so great!:-) Thank you for your awesome donation!

Day #9! Here is another great example of how your donations help!

Haven’t donated yet? Even 5$ helps and gets you into the Sunday Donor Draws!:-)

Donate here!

Day #8 yay! Here is a story about why we do this. Anywhere, anytime to anybody.

Donate HERE:-)

Thank you SO much to my donors so far! We have helped raise over 500K!! Let’s keep going!

Day #6 already!


Not exactly spry today (yet) but so happy to see the sun, and trying to be quick to get outside – yay!

Lot’s of people can’t so I am always #grateful!

Congratulations Sandra Madden! You won my Dressember Sunday Donor’s Draw!! When I see you tomorrow I’ll be handing you this fab 8×10 print of ‘Surfacing’! Thank you so much for your donation and your continued support of all the good stuff:-) You rock!!

*If you want a chance to play along, just donate a few dollars to my @Dressember campaign – there are 4 more chances to win some seriously cool stuff coming up!:-)

Hurray! #Dressember #Airplane Day #2 without the help of a chair today!

Pssst – pass it on!

Then donate here!

Hurray! It’s December 1st and that means the 1st day of #Dressember! I hope you’ll follow along or join me on this journey to make the world just a little bit better for people stuck in some bad situations! I will only link to pages for you to read more details, I won’t post anything nasty or shocking here I promise!

Here is a link to my Dressember Photo Gallery on FaceBook – please check in every day!

I’ll post a new dress photo and a new airplane photo every day in December!

Click here to donate!

$500. sounds like a lot I know! But, it can help nearly 3 people move on after being victims of sex or labor trafficking! You could split it up between friends and share the art supplies yah! If you choose to do this, I will give each friend a Lyra and a mini painting!

Hey gang here are some printables for you! Thanks for dropping by!:-)

Only 3 x $100 level incentives left! *Updated Monday November 27th –  6pm

Here is the Donor Incentive List! I sure hope you’ll consider giving this year:-) We’ll also be having draws throughout the month and one final draw for a painting on New Year’s Eve! Yay! I love to get givvy at this time of year – so everybody wins!

You can click here to donate, and if you want to be anonymous that’s cool, but please send me your contact so I can get your goodies to you!:-)



Hurray it’s almost Dressember month! This year I began my own Team with high expectations, but I may just be on my own, which is cool! I have loads of fun things planned, we’ll be having Art Draws for Donors as well as gifts for ALL Donors this year yay!!!

I’ll be posting everything up here soon, but here is a general picture of all the goodies Yay!

I hope you’ll consider joining me, or if not, please consider a donation! Here is the Dressember site with so much amazing information on it! Our donations last year provided escape for Child sex slaves, we brought the criminals to justice and provided aftercare for the victims – that’s a whole lot of good stuff you guys!! Yay you!!