The #ZINE It’s ready!!

16 glorious pages for you to hold in your hand, take to the beach, read on the plane, share with your friends, use as collage bits, save and collect, compost or ….? A copy is yours by donation (it does cost me 5$ CAD to color print and post to you), just let me know […]


When I was studying CS we made loads of these apps, so easy and so much fun and blink – hours go by:-)

New Substrate

It’s amazing how a new tool or substrate, product or colour of the day can spark a bit of creativity even when you’re exhausted:-) I ordered these hardboards on sale and they are so cool!! So smooth and yummy! Row was made actually over the period of about a week. Last week when I was so […]

They’re Breeding!

My paintings, they must be! Well, maybe not but the tipping point has happened, and I have been forced to unpack boxes who’s objects have not seen the light of day since the 70s. When we moved here we didn’t have time or space to go through Sparky’s parent’s things so we just brought everything […]