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Hey I wrote a book! I wanted to share my experiences as a new artist with you, and show you some of the things I did to get where I am now. I hope this helps smooth the path that you are on!

Please leave your feedback wherever you purchase the book as it will help others find it more easily!

Available as an eBook, everywhere eBooks are sold, and I have a few signed hardcopies copies left!

Please visit my Author page to learn more about my written work.

I also made a fab deck of meditation cards. Contact me for details, I only have a few packs left!

They are getting great feedback and if you want a peek at how well they’re going over – take a look at my yoga teacher’s reaction!!



Praise for ‘The Lines I  Make’

 “Loved your book Jenn – written with such clarity, humour and generosity and full of useful information! I can hear your voice on every page! Congratulations again on your amazing year!”

JS – Canada

Jenn Ashton I’ve just finished your wonderful book. Talk about divine timing. I realised that I have already got going with a lot of things you recommend, but as a whole your book is like a springboard for 2016 for me. I was going to approach the local gift shops with my art, but after doing some thinking I decided that I would concentrate on my website first, and have that in place already…as you mention in your book…word of mouth about your art spreads and it is where people who may see a piece or know someone with a piece ask “but where can I look and buy?” and so I think I really need to put that first. I already have most of it organised sitting / ready to go, and have been waiting for the right time and I know 2016 is my time, because I feel a confidence and belief in myself about the type of art I am producing now…it is me on the canvas. /…I would like to sell from my own website and offer prints if wanted./… I definitely have some homework to do…finding a local printing company that uses quality paper etc…getting all these things organised before I hit the publish button! /…I thank you again for your book and I look forward to getting things in motion in the new year. x”

CS – Australia

“Great book Jenn Ashton. I ordered it to read on Kindle and have read it all already! Very useful information.”


“Just bought your book! Thanks so much. Really. I’ve been floundering for a year. Your book gave me a straight line to follow to get started and move…thanks again. Brilliant!”


“Serendipity…..timing couldn’t have been better for your book to land on my iPad. My wheels are turning and plans are in the works. Thanks for lighting the fire Jenn!”

MJ – Canada


Praise for ‘Today Just Be’ Meditation Deck

“I love the cards, good to have so many little prints and the sayings are lovely (so gentle and nourishing…)
So thank you, thank you, thank you


“Great set with cards with inspiring motivation quotes.”

 GJ – Canada (Etsy)
“Beautiful cards, stunning illustrations on one side and gentle thoughts on the other. Love them! Fab, friendly seller xx”
Anna (Etsy)
“Hello beautiful creative! I received my card deck today! WOO! thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVE the square card design and the box! All the juicy paintings! fantastic!”
NMK – Canada

And even more books by me!


The Great Oak Joke

Watch the trailer video here!

Available everywhere e-Books are sold!

Or please contact me directly for hard copy, bulk or signed sales.

Libraries please contact Library Bound for copies.

Also available at Delish General Store!




AND the long awaited….

The Tale of Donkey Otey

Available online everywhere!

Or please contact me directly for super speedy hardcopy delivery –

even signed by the author yay!