#Dressember 2019


It’s almost the end of the year and I feel like it’s time to bring the children home. And by children, I mean all of the bits and pieces of me that have been scattered to the four corners this year, be it writing or art or ideas or things I’ve done. I’ve really been a ‘joiner’ this year, which has been amazing(!), but at the same time, it was a lot. We have pressing matters here at home and I feel like I want to be directing my energy inwards right now so I can serve people better.

As well, many of you already know that I won’t be exhibiting this coming year as I get my book finished (well I do have two small events coming up that I couldn’t say no to), so my decision to take December off from my usual @Dressember campaign was a welcomed one and it feels like the right one. Please don’t stop donating to this amazing organization though, and if you are in Canada, there is a new Canadian branch so you can get a tax receipt this year yay!

My art sale continues until I have more room, please email me for discount prices! Yay!