I am never more thankful than when something unexpected happens, but I don’t have to freak out too much, because of my obsessive organization, I can coast for a few days. This is what happened just last week, and for 7 days I was bare bones, borrowing a computer, unable to access much of my broken laptop’s contents. Thankfully I had just fully backed up everything so phew.

Right now I am re-learning how to use a mouse, as I have given up my MBP habit and moved to an iMac, with no batteries to worry about. It’s a bit of a leap, so just getting used to it while I prepare my Revelstoke show.

I just wanted to say, please check out events calendar for exhibits that are on now, and that are coming up, I will pr them soon, but in the meanwhile, please click and check them out, I’m everywhere from Scotland, to Montreal to North and West Vancouver – so exciting! 🙂