“…a fine unique voice…”


 “I love your work. It gave me my first smile for the day.”  


“Thank you so much, Jenn. The paintings are bright, cheery and so avant garde.  Really eye catching!  Our walls have been greatly improved by your artistic flare.” Jill – Centennial Theatre


“Thanks for doing what you do and bringing a smile to the world through your lovely bright art. I can now say I own an original Jenn Ashton!”


Went to your Library Exhibition yesterday and the canvases surrounded me in delightful colour, unique imaginative lines and beautiful storytelling. Job well done and worth every penny!”



“I love this piece ‘One Love’  🙂 I’m so happy I get to see it everyday!”

Tatiana – Patreon Head Office



“I work at (…) and your exhibit is amazing and a popular one too!”



 “Rich and nourishing and uplifting..well done, talented person”



“…such an exciting and unique voice!”


“Very inspired…”


“We are loving the progression of her signature style, Jenn’s definitely one to watch! NVanDistrictArtsCouncil”



 “…stunning, exciting and soul soothing…”



“…a great collection of work, the pieces are all so lovely & unique…”



“Amazingly whimsical!”



“These are beautiful!…”



“i love your paintings (i can usually recognize you style before looking at the name) because they make me smile.”



“…both your paintings & the names, they always make me smile!”


“You are hilarious!!! You make painting so joyful!”


“Every piece you bring us is such a treat! Lovely!”


“Manam khaharshohar”



“Another treat for the eyes and heart. What a gift to make us smile. Thank you Jenn! Keep them coming…..”


“Jenn I love the whimsy/joy/celebration of your pieces. I worked with 2,3, year olds for 30 years and this is how they are in the world. Just wonderful! ”



“This is the real stuff!”


“lindooooooooooooooo demais!”



“I just came from a trip to Paris, and your media and style is very much aligned with some celebrated artists’ work that I saw there. Your pieces would hold their own with no problem in that company!”



“Wie süß! “


“Keep colouring the world and Facebook spaces with your amazing art!”


“…please continue to explore your inner-child the results are seemingly ground breaking.”


“Mooi knap”





“Thanks for creating One Love. We loved it the minute we saw it. Filled us with such good feelings and we loved the whimsical aspect. One of our best friends is Jamaican so we loved it even more. Thanks again Jennifer. It has a special place in our home. Take care.Renza and Nigel”


“Super Jolie..”


“Bellisimo !!!”


“me encanta!!!!”


“You have a beautiful mind!”